Our noodles are produced in the famous Black Forest – a wooded mountain range in south-western Germany.

This region is famous for its natural parks, pure springs, high mountains, waterfalls and clear lakes. Black Forests culinary is as popular as its nature. In this area you can find the highest density of gourmet-restaurants. Our high quality wines, beers and mineral waters are well-known all over the world. You might have already heard about the famous Black Forest Ham as well as the Black Forest Cherry Cake, or have even tasted it.


But the Black Forest is known for another famous traditional speciallity – spaetzle, a regional noodle dish with a high egg content.

You can eat it as a side dish with roast meat or as a main course e.g. as the delicious Kaese-Spaetzle (Cheese-Spaetzle). Find more recipes with spaetzle on this website.